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Programs and Services

NxEdge offers refurbishment programs and services to help customers optimize operational efficiency and reduce system down-time.

Novellus Concept One:

UPGRADES & ENHANCEMENTS: NxEdge offers a full range of OEM upgrades and enhancements for your Novellus CVD unit designed to extend system life and increase equipment performance.

NOVELLUS C1 SPARE PARTS: NxEdge provides access to 90 percent of new or second source parts used on the Novellus Concept One CVD system. 

SYSTEM RE-CONFIGURATIONS: Our engineering team has the ability to re-configure Novellus CVD systems to your exact specification. We perform wafer size conversions on your system in the field, as well as supply all of the required assemblies.

Subsystem Programs:

ROLL-OVER REPAIR: Designed to reduce system down-time, this modules program allows for the planned maintenance or replacement of critical subsystems during major projects or on an occasional basis. All major sub-assemblies are thoroughly tested before shipment.

CORE EXCHANGE PROGRAM: Based on condition, NxEdge may pay for the trade-in of old cores, including heat exchangers, robots, and more. A discount will be applied to your purchase at the time of receipt.

For more information about our refurbishment programs and services, call 208.362.7200 ext: 100 or email parts@nxsemi.com.



Customer Service: 1.208.362.7200 ext: 100

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